Tim Mayfield - Personal Money Management - Eliminate debt.  Save for the future.  Build wealth.  Share it.
Individual Home-Budget Coaching
Personal Money Management offers hope to individuals and couples in a debt and budget challenged time. We are trusted personal coaches, experienced at providing objective options to help you eliminate your debt, save for the future and build your personal wealth.
Personal Money Management provides unbiased, objective information without commissions or conflict of interests. We don’t offer credit counseling or investment advice services. We have nothing to sell. Instead, with a combination of coaching discussion and practical experience, we bridge the gap between credit counseling and financial investment advice.
We simply help you organize, develop and maintain your budget in a way that works for you. If your budgeting process is backsliding, we can help you get back on track! Working together, we help you shape your financial goals.  We help you organize for success… and map the road to get you there.
Contact us today and take the first step towards better personal money management. Your financial health, wealth and security are waiting.
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